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Mobile Corona App Screens

Work, Meet, Travel:
Smooth & Simple with the Corona SeroStatus App.

Your secure identity and test results while on-the-go. Available now!



& Nursing Homes

Safe staff for situations of emergency and crisis.

Visiting patients and elderly people with greater peace of mind.


Daycare, Schools & Universities

Increasing student density earlier and faster.



Discussing important decisions in person with only the necessary precautions.


Business Venues

Conducting business safely in production plants, offices, trading floors, exhibitions or trade fairs.


Air Travel & Tourism

Boarding planes with peace of mind.

Avoiding quarantine at the destination.


Professional Sports e.g. Soccer

Testing professional players regularly to reduce risk of infection.

Easy and reliable check for valid tests before each training and game.


Stakeholder Triangle
HOLDER / App User


Holders are users of the app. They might be employees, passengers, visitors or participants.

The Holder has the self-sovereign identity in the app on his mobile phone. He requests a certificate, e.g. for a coronavirus test from the Issuer.

Once the Holder has an attested identity and certificate, he can use the app to show these credentials to the Verifier.

ISSUER / Medical Doctor


The Issuer confirms the identity of the Holder and provides attested certificates.

Typically the Issuer is a medical doctor that runs a test and gives the Holder the attested results.

The Verifier determines which Issuers and tests are required in order to allow access.

VERIFIER / Business


The Verifier asks the Holder to show him his credentials with the app: an attested identity and corresponding certificate.

If the Holder agrees and provides an identity with a certificate attested according to the rules of the Verifier organization, the Holder will be granted access.

Verifier organizations can be companies, airlines, hospitals, event organizers, or anyone who wants to make sure that the people coming together are tested according to specific requirements.

Advantages of using cryptographic self-sovereign coronavirus tests:

  • The identity and the test results are only stored on the user’s phone.
  • The user can choose to show selective credentials to certain venues (e.g. only image instead of full name).
  • The business can define acceptable access criteria centrally. It also does not need to continuously train security staff on different certificate formats.
  • The security staff at the door does not know what rules have been applied. He does not receive any information about the health condition or possibly even the name of the person checked.
  • The business can easily document compliance with regulations and eliminate errors of interpretation by simply checking green or red results.
  • The certificate is virtually impossible to fake.

Business, Health & Privacy – combined in SeroStatus


  • All personal data stays completely on the user‘s phone
  • Security staff does not need to know the access criteria
  • No central lists can be abused, stolen or hacked!


  • Leverage the rapid test development
    in terms of quantity and reliability by easily changing test requirements
  • Knowing test results enables people to behave
    accordingly – and now they can prove it to others!


  • Re-open for business earlier than others
  • Reliably conform to government regulation
  • Out-of-the-box solution, available now!
Business, Health & Privacy - combined with SeroStatus

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